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Happy Monday friends!

Man, I did not want this weekend to be over. I don't think any of us did. It wasn't particularly special-- other than the fact that we're still not living at home right now. But we didn't go on any grand adventures, or have any big plans (or really any plans)--- it was just your average weekend at home, but in someone else home. We kept busy as usual, went to the farmers market, went grocery shopping, saw some friends, spent time in sun--- you know, our normal happy moments. My weekends don't usually feel too different from my weekdays, but for whatever reason, maybe it's Kristian's gorgeous pool (thats cool cold to use) that maybe this one feel more weekend-y. Ya know? It was good.

We're all itching to pull Marlowe out of school. I don't have many fears with it. Or any really. I guess my one is that some days are busier that others and I'm wondering if she's going to be okay entertaining herself when homeschool doesn't star first thing in the morning. My guess is yes, but you never know for certain. I also worry that our days will go by faster somehow. I don't want them to go by faster. I'm hoping we can somehow make our days slower. My other concern, but not so much a fear is Alex's schedule. One of the push deciding factors to why I want to homeschool Marlowe is so that she can spend more time with him, if his schedule does change in the future for whatever reason, he's back to less time with her. But I guess he is right, that less time is still more time than now. Unless he has a weekend day off now, he doesn't really see her other than the half hour in the morning. So homeschooling, whether his schedule changes or not, will give him more time with her.

Marlowe is excited to travel more. And I'm grateful for it. I'm hoping to travel with more friends too. Nudge nudge, any friends reading this. We've had such wonderful experiences traveling with different friends--- I want to do more of it. We learn so much from traveling. Depending on where we go we learn about different cultures, or languages, fruits and vegetables, wildlife, all of it and more! We obviously get to learn A LOT when we experience a rainforest, like last week, but even in day to day interactions while traveling, you are able to learn so much from every moment.

Marlowe has ever so slowly been learning more Spanish. She knows most of her food-- of course, haha. And a few other basics as well. I'm really hoping to push this more when we begin homeschooling more at home. Right now for homeschool we do a few activities on top of her normal school day. Not everyday, but most days. And we always do activities while traveling. She keeps a journal so we can practice writing. We do workbooks on the plane or in downtime. Unless we're on a longer flight, she doesn't watch anything. We still don't have a tv and don't plan to get one. And it's rare for us to even have a tv while traveling, and if we do, it stays off. At home we will watch documentaries from time to time.

Don't get me wrong, there are days (evenings) where we watch stuff on tv-- I still do love to binge watch on something mindless on the days where I'm just too exhausted to function or even read straight, but for Marlowe thats rare. On the occasional friday evening we might watch something after or during dinner (because why not, its friday), but while traveling? There will be no tv.

I'm excited to learn more with Marlowe-- while traveling and at home. I often get asked if motherhood changed me-- and it has completely. Just like any big experience in our lives-- it will have some effects if you let it-- and positive ones if you want it. Parenting this kid has been the best.

I don't know what our life will look like next year or even in a month. But I do know this year has been amazing for us. We've seen volcanos erupt, climbed waterfalls, visited tropical jungles, explored football sized markets, played in organic farms, met amazing strangers with amazing stories, and so much more. My only hope is that she remembers it all. And if not, well, I'm grateful to have this place to remind her.

I hope you guys have an amazing week. You'll mostly find me sitting somewhere (most likely outside) with my computer trying to organize my life. Or you'll find me inside organizing Kristian's life. I'm not kidding. One of my favorite things to do is organize others peoples things-- even since I was a kid I would help friends clean their rooms, haha. So yeah, I'm spending my time organizing everything. Oh, and hopefully sending off Marlowe's letter to the school district with Alex this week--- officially taking the next steps for the next homeschooling phase of her education. Hooray!

Happy Monday, friends. Hope it's a good one :) 

What Marlowe Eats -Feeding a Vegan Kid While Traveling (In Puerto Rico!)

Hi friends!

We had a glorious rainy day yesterday and I've been working, working on editing a ton of photos to post. Marlowe and I have had so much fun this past month--- I mean, I've had fun a lone too for sure! I'm still looking back at some of my photos and thinking "holy crap, I did all this?" it's pretty awesome :)

While I finished editing the photos from the rest of our trip to Puerto Rico (and my trip to mexico too--- omg the photos are sooooo pretty--- thanks to my friend Celia) I figured I'd post a good ole' What Marlowe Eats--- except from our trip to Puerto Rico :) I didn't take photos of MOST of the food she ate there--- but if I'm being totally honest-- this post still rounds it all up. I could post two photos and show you an accurate run down of what Marlowe ate during our whole trip. Does that make sense? She definitely eats better at home-- I think thats the norm for kids? Maybe? But we're working into a good habit of getting her to eat pretty/somewhat healthy when we travel too :) Maybe this will be somewhat helpful for when you travel with your kids too? Hopefully!

Rice, beans, salad. This was a standard meal. She probably had this almost once a day. The salad was mandatory so she could get some raw greens in her. She doesn't eat the tomatoes in a salad-- but if I'm being honest, neither do I. We both much prefer our tomatoes cooked, not raw. She mostly had kidney beans in PR, but we ran into all sort of different vegan bean options on the island. 
Smoothie bowls. So many smoothie bowls. 

Spring rolls are usually a safe bet for her. She usually only picks out the cucumber if it's in there. These had all sorts of root vegetables in it-- but she was quite happy with it. It came with a peanut dipping sauce. I'm not really sure how to describe the two salad Christine and I ate, but they were delicious :)

She also had a veggie burger after her. springrolls--- I forgot to take a picture. I tasted it when she was almost done, and honestly, I think here might have been in cheese in there, but I'm not sure. I told her that she didn't have to finish if she didn't want to. It was a veg restaurant, not a vegan one. I probably should have asked. 
Curry in our tiny, perfect kitchen. Curries are our very quick and easy go to when traveling.

We introduced Christine to her first acai bowl. She loved it... then Marlowe hogged it all.

Then we all got smoothies to share :) 
Breakfast was always fruit. This was a late breakfast so we added veggies and guac to the mix. Marlowe ate all her mango before eI could even take a pic.

tacosssss. black beans, guac, carrots. We ate here twice. 
smoothie  + hummus + carrots. the hummus was SO good. salad for me and Christine.

plantains, rice, beans, yuca. She refused to eat the yuca, but it was delicious. The owner here told us about the bees in the bushes that could kill us. No big deal.

Acai bowlssssss. SO MANY. And unlike here, all the places we went to made them from scratch. It always hit or misss here in Florida-- I feel like too often people just use the sherbet stuff-- yuck. We ate so many delicious ones in PR.

Alright friends-- I gotta run out to grab the kid from school! Hope you're having a great week and have an even better weekend up ahead of you! :) 

A Vegan Friendly + Healthy Eating Restaurant Boca Raton Florida Guide

Hi friends! How are you? Are you living in New England and freezing like my mom? I hope not... but if you are and thinking about visiting south Florida sometime soon, then you might want some recommendations on where to eat, ya?

As you know, we love food. We do eat at home as much as we can, but at the same time we do enjoy a delicious (and easy) outing every once in a while. I went around Boca Raton for Visit Florida last week trying out some old favorites + new favorite food spots to put together this post. (AKA dream job). The reality is, I could probably do a whole post on just acai/smoothie places to visit in Boca (there are SO many), but I did try to add in a few more, sit down type places on the list as well. A good mix of warm food, grab and go, and lounge and dine type places. All located right in Boca Raton, and all delicious. I hope you come visit and enjoy them :)

Super cute + delicious coffee + smoothie stop. I would visit this place everyday for breakfast if it were closer to me. They are SUPER vegan friendly. You can grab a latte and a smoothie bowl and a shot of turmeric for good luck too ;) I like the matcha bowl best— a blend of green tea matcha, banana, and other tropical fruits! I don't know anywhere else around here when you can get a matcha bowl :)

I’m almost positive that my dad actually told me about this place. I was like, "Yah yah dad, what do you know about healthy vegan food?" --- but he was right, this place is great. Super health friendly--- and lots of vegan choices too. I used to loveee the spaghetti squash with "meatballs" before I had to go nut free. It's so good-- get it! But now, I go for the namaste salad-- I'm actually quite a snob and picky about my salads, but this one is super good! They try to do things differently than most restaurants, using less salt and avoid frying too. I definitely recommend sitting on the patio and ordering a coconut of fresh cucumber drink. Oh, and there's always vegan scones and vegan desert :)

I've been going to Kapow! for years. Their menu has changed quite a bit in that time, but there are always a few vegan options on the menu, and you can always ask and they'll omit things from the item to make it vegan.  I'm also excited because they're actually opening one right down the street from me.

Believe it or not, Marlowe and I spent about $70-80 here in one weekend. We just kept going back for more, hahaha. All smoothie bowls, juices, a few to-go type salads, and they are all healthy. I prefer the bowls without the protein powder, but if extra protein is your jam, they have protein powder in a lot of their bowls. This is another place where I always pick up a shot of turmeric, ginger, or whatever healthy shot they have :)

This place is a hole-in-the-wall type plaza, but super cute, vegan-friendly, and good too! It doesn't feel like super heavy Americanized Asian food. At least not the veggie stuff :) The staff is super friendly and they have a whole vegetarian section. What more could you want?

Okay so, this place is basically the opposite of healthy, but if you've ever wanted to walk into a bakery where everything is vegan, this is it. Cupcakes, donuts, poptarts, and even savory items like empanadas. There are a ton of gluten free options too! It’s a perfect bakery for us vegans or people with minor food allergies. They also have a location in Plantation Florida.

Juices, smoothies, salads, and a bunch of vegan sushi options. This is an easy spot to grab a few things and head to a park or nature center after your visit. Definitely try their apura green juice and their berry bliss smoothie! :)

But that’s not all--- honestly, there are a ton of healthy vegan options to be found in Boca Raton! But those are definitely some of our favorites. If you need to buy food, I highly highly recommend 4th Generation Organic Market. There are two locations and both are AMAZING. We always stop in whenever we're in town. There's also a Whole Foods of course. A few Indian places, and tons more. Trust me, you won't find a shortage of delicious and healthy food. Boca is pretty rad for that. It was actually the only place I could find preggo yoga too :) I dig it.

If you guys are local and have other favorites, let me know. Hope you guys are having a wonderful and delicious week!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of VISIT FLORIDA. The opinions and text are all mine.

Messy (Spilling Out)

Ooooof. Things are still so messy right now.

So our first Airbnb guests checked in and checked out. They were great. Really great. We went back home for a night, I threw a little preview party shindig, then the next day, cleaned up again and headed back to Kristian's. We don't plan to be here the whole time. Kristian is a single bachelor, he doesn't necessarily need or want a 6 year old living in his house for an extended period of time. He's seriously been beyond kind taking us in at all. I love that guy. The big problem is jerry. And I totally get why Kristian doesn't want him here. I love that dog because I've had him for 11 years of my life, he's like my OG family...but if I didn't have any pets right now, I wouldn't buy any pets right now. There are too many other things going on, ya know?

But speaking of Jerry... if you follow me on Instagram, you know he got out last night. I felt such guilt. I finally found him by chance this morning. One of those things where everything just aligns to bring him back. Grateful Laura came to help me look for him. Really grateful, if it weren't for her, it would have added hours, days, weeks, who knows how long to find him.

A good reminder to update your dogs tags. He has a chip in him from my Arizona days-- it's not current at all. And I put a cute new collar on him from Guatemala that doesn't have his info on it.

Yeah, I'm pooped. Oh and I'm going to start working out today. (My family can laugh now). Exercise is good for tiredness, right? Haha. Thats what they say. I sure hope so. It's only one session with a personal trainer, if schedules allow, I'd like to keep doing it. I mean, I say that now before I've actually suffered through it though.

I did jump on a scale yesterday and it said I gained 3 pounds. Not sure if it was my jeans or not, but I'm hoping its correct. It means I finally left the double digits. Hoping working out also gains me more weight (muscle). Ya know?

Maybe I should try to take a nap before I go.

Maybe it's the extra tired, over working myself thing, but I'm not feeling super positive about myself right now. Or I have a lot of little doubts popping up. With everything-- friends, social media, whatever. It can be a bit tough always putting yourself out there, not knowing how people will read you or judge you.

For now, I'm also happy not focusing on relationships (outside of friendships). I mean, I want things to be good, but I don't want to think or worry about any of it. Another time, another place. For now I'm working on continuing being the best mom for Marlowe, making sure this Airbnb situation doesn't get messier, and enjoying life in the process.

Alright friends. I'm going to try to lay down for a few minutes to make up for last nights lack of sleep due to doggy escapades.

I hope you're week is going slightly more smooth than mine, haha.

Have a great week, friends!


It's about 9:30 pm on a Sunday night. I still have about three sets of photos from Guatemala (months ago!) that I still haven't shared. Honestly, not a day goes by where I don't wish I was exploring there.  ut life has been good-- and busy, and I've traveled two other beautiful places since then, so I really can't (and I'm not) complaining.

I'm currently exhausted. And maybe fighting something. But I can never tell anymore-- is it a mild allergy to mangoes or my dog? Or maybe there is something going around? Or maybe it was touching one too many germy things while traveling. Tonight I am home. Last night I slept at a friends. If you're following me on Instagram, you know I rented out our house on Airbnb "just to see what it's like" and filled up the calendar for an entire month in three days time. I was't expecting that. I thought for sure we'd have a weekend or two booked up, but since I didn't publicly announce anything, I expected it to be mostly crickets. I was so wrong, haha.

Maybe I would have better prepared if I had known-- considering I'm now at a loss of what the plan is for housing and for the dog... but I'll figure it out. For now, we're staying a few blocks away at a friends house for a little while. Then who knows, haha. Cliche, but I rarely (never) have regrets. This is just another opportunity for another amazing learning experience, right? Right.

Things have been good. A little chaotic, but good. For a minute I thought, man, maybe I shouldn't have done this Airbnb thing, but the feeling quickly dissipated... and I went back to thinking, "this will be a good experience." I think it will be. Breaking old habits, living on less needs, finding new adventures in town, just all of it. Sometimes I like to think that my positivity rubs off in Marlowe. That she's excited about so many things... because I'm excited. But then sometimes I think, maybe thats how we all should be, and I just haven't really lost that childlike awe too much. You know? That I do get excited by tiny frogs, interesting flowers, or trying new things. (yes, my mind went to tiny frogs, haha). There's so much negativity in the world and I want her to always keep that positive light. It's hard when we come across negative people-- or I guess, it's not hard, but it is a good learning lesson for her. She can see that we can choose to be happy and kind or negative and harsh-- and happy is a much better way to live--- finding joy in simple every day pleasures is best.

I'm hoping to take a bit of money we earn from this experience to travel somewhere far with Marlowe. She's asking for South Africa. But I have Asian on my mind. We'll see where this year takes us. I'm just so grateful to have a kid who so willingly and happily down sizes her material things-- who see's that things can be fun or useful, but understands the importance of finding joys outside of that. It's not always easy. There are times when I see things that I feel like I want or would enjoy having-- but I know that I do not need-- that I should just keep walking or scrolling. We're human. We want things and yearn for things. But she understands things at six that some people may never fully understand. And I'm proud of her for that. I'm grateful for her for that.

grateful for this kid too ^ it's nice to have friends that share so much of my values and brain. 

Marlowe and I are having a date tomorrow. To be completely honest, her and I have special dates all the time--- but we never really call it anything. But over the past few months I've put more pressure on her and alex to spend more alone time together-- to get out and adventure just the two of them. We put a name or title on it... calling it her daddy daughter dates." And while I have alone time with her every single day, it doesn't seems as spectacular without the title. So I promised her that tomorrow, on her day off, her and I could do something special. Anything she wants. I'm looking forward to it--- I'm just hoping she doesn't choose iceskating, haha. I think the iceskating dates are better reserved for her and Alex ;)

Anyway we're good, happy, and healthy here. And we're excited for our next adventure... even if it's right in our own town and lacking our own bed :)

I hope you guys all had an amazing week. Marlowe and I have been back in Florida for about 2-3 days and it feels like a year and an hour at the same time. :) Looking forward to spending some quiet, easy time with her-- walking through the neighborhood, maybe watching some documentaries, workbooks, whatever. Happy holiday weekend, friends! Have a great week!